The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Meditation Cushion

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Meditation Cushion

Most yoga and fitness enthusiasts have their meditation rituals. Some like to close their eyes and picture about a calming place while others want to meditate in a peaceful environment such as around a lake or a garden.

No matter how you like to meditate, you must attain the perfect posture and adopt an active approach to get the best possible outcomes. One of the reasons why many of us fail to achieve any significant results during meditation is that we fail to sit comfortably during the session.

Women Meditating

Many yoga studios incorporate the use of yoga mats and cushions to provide a comfy base. However, there are specific cushions in the market for facilitating meditation. 

This reason is why you must get your hands on the best meditation cushion or meditation pillow to accomplish the desired results.

Now that you know why you need a meditation cushion to take care of your spine during yoga or meditation let's take a look at the best options that are currently available in the market. 

Best Meditation Cushion

Let's take a look on our top recommendations for the best meditation cushion:

Winner: Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Buckwheat Filled Pillow Cushion

Our winner for the best meditation cushion is none other than The Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Cotton Bolster Pillow. Not only this cushion provides the ideal balance of flexibility and firmness, but it also scores high on the quality meter. One of the best features of this incredible product is its premium quality buckwheat filling. Some notable features:

  • Convenient to hold the handle 
  • Machine-washable removable cotton cover
  • Inner buckwheat hull core is conserved inside a pouch
  • Full-zip feature for quickly removing the outer cotton cover
  • Offered in a wide range of colors and designs

Moreover, it offers incredible support since it is capable of conforming to your body's specific needs. The pillow cushion does a great job at keeping your spine aligned and makes sure you remain comfortable throughout a meditation session.

Another great part of the product is its removable cotton cover. The cover is also machine washable which means you don't need to dry-clean it for maintaining it. You also get a built-in handle which makes transportation reasonably easy. 

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Buckwheat Filled Pillow Cushion



The buckwheat hull filling is inside a pouch and does not shift. The Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow is available in various colors and sizes.

Thanks to its geometric designs, you get a great looking pillow cushion which blends in with all kinds of decor. The bolsters take off all the pressure on your joints, ankles, and knees so you can meditate in different positions.

The Peace Yoga Zafu Pillow Cushion is incredibly popular among happy customers on The price tag starts from just around $25 and goes up to $35. If you want to become a great yoga practitioner for getting the best results out of meditation, this is the product you should purchase today.

Runner-Up: Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow Cushion

Our runner-up for the best meditation cushion is the impressive Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow Cushion. Buyers can choose from the three available sizes to get the best one according to their needs. It is one of the most affordable yoga pillow cushions in the market. Some notable features:

  • Comes with natural buckwheat hulls
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Removable and machine washable cotton hemp cover
  • Hidden YKZ zipper for removing the cover, or for accessing the filling
  • Durable
  • Available in five different colors and three sizes

The highlights of this product are its eco-friendly and all-natural materials. Premium quality buckwheat filling offers firm support to conform to your body type. The Reehut Zafu Cushion is an attractive and durable product which is famous for its affordability and a wide range of designs. Since it is a contemporary yoga pillow cushion, you are bound to get jealous glances during your yoga class. 

It is also famous for its removable cover which you can quickly wash at home. Although manufacturers claim that users can put in the dryer on low heat, it is best to air dry it. But there is just one word of caution. If the buckwheat filling becomes wet, you will need to replace it.

Another great thing is that the cushion features a built-in carry handle. Since it is an incredibly lightweight product, you can quickly move it around.

Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow Cushion



The Reehut meditation cushion is famous for its warm colors which are great for adding more creativity to your meditation. It is engineered to maintain a good posture and keeps your back in the right position. It comes in three sizes, so you never have to settle for the wrong size.

The cushion line comprises of organic cotton and hemp. The natural buckwheat hulls offer the perfect combination of comfort and firmness for a relaxed yoga session for people of all ages.

The Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion has received favorable reviews from most of the customers who purchased it from Amazon. You can buy your desired size and color from just above $15 to $31 from the online store.

Alternative: Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow

Another great option to choose when buying the best meditation cushion is the fantastic Waterglider International Zafu Pillow. The cushion strikes a perfect balance of firmness and comfort for giving an excellent meditation experience.

  • Beautiful round shape
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ideal for people of all ages
  • Contains USA grown buckwheat husks

This pillow boasts a fabulous design and uses only high-quality materials for a premium construction. You can commonly see the Waterglider Zafu Cushion in many yoga studios and fitness centers. 

The product benefits from a conventional round zafu design created by Zen Buddhism practitioners. You get the same classic version with standard dimensions. The cushion has a 14-inch diameter ad a height of 6 inches. 

The model looks more like a flattened ball. Yoga practitioners note that it is very comfortable to sit cross-legged on this cushion. The Waterglider cushion never lets you down as it helps you maintain the right posture.

Although it doesn't provide back support, it supports your spine and lower back region to minimize the discomfort in your ankles and knees. When looking at the material of this incredible cushion, we observe that the brand behind this fantastic product has made use of certified and premium-quality materials for its construction.

Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow



It comprises of organic cotton which is durable enough to sustain regular and long-term use. No matter how many times you wash the cover, the cushion looks as new as ever. It is entirely hypoallergenic which means it will cause no harm to your health.

The buckwheat filling is not the mediocre filling you get out of other regular cushions. If you have encountered any bad experiences of using cushions with hulls infested with pests, you will be happy to use the fantastic Waterglider meditation cushion.

The brand makes use of top-quality hulls, purchased directly from American farmers. Moreover, the over-filled cushion offers yoga practitioners the option to customize it according to their needs.

The cushion adapts to your body curves, and this is why you feel like a Buddhist when using this product. It is widely popular on where it has collected a fair share of positive reviews. It is available in beautiful colors for just around $30.

Why Do I Need A Meditation Cushion?

People all around the world who care for their mind and body are aware of how important meditation is for nourishing the soul. Meditation has been in practice for centuries since it is a proven way to relieve stress, improve memory and sharpen your concentration.

But if you sit on a hard or uneven surface, you are less likely to achieve favorable results. Sitting without proper support or using a mediocre cushion can result in the discomfort of the lower back, spine, buttocks, legs and even your shoulders.

Since the human body is neither curved not perfectly flat, we need to have some support to correct our posture and maintain a reasonable comfort level during a long meditation session.

If you are not new to the meditation world, you must be familiar with many of the common meditation postures including the half lotus or full lotus. There are also postures that require lying and chair shitting.

Meditation On Seat Cushion

When meditating, you can use any posture that you feel is best for tuning in your thoughts. Most people like to try out the half-lotus for morning meditation and move on to savasana at the end of a yoga session. The flexibility of your body mainly evaluates the capacity to meditate in any of the kneeling or sitting postures. 

Apart from that, you need some support to maintain comfort and proper alignment so as not to exert any pressure on your spine. 

These cushions are also popularly used by other professionals who have to sit for prolonged hours to perform their tasks.

But a meditation cushion is mainly engineered for meditation. These ergonomically designed products go a long way to offer ultimate comfort to yoga and fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to these cushions, you can keep your spine, pelvis, and buttocks in the right position.

How To Purchase A Meditation Cushion

The best meditation cushion helps you to maintain the correct posture and keeps your spine aligned. It takes off all the unwanted pressure of your knees, ankles and back to help you enjoy a peaceful meditation session.

Today we have hundreds of designs and beautiful colors to get hold of the best meditation cushion, without having to compromise on quality. If you are buying a meditation cushion for the first time or want to replace your old cushion, here are a few factors you should consider before purchasing a meditation cushion:


Not all meditation cushions come in the same size or shape because people like to meditate in different yoga positions. If you want to remain in a half or full lotus position, you should choose a round pleated cushion (like the ones we have mentioned in this guide) for lifting your hips up, so your legs remain comfortable. 


The height lets you decide how high off the ground you want to be seated. This factor has a substantial impact on your comfort level, so make sure you choose the best height according to your preferences.


There is no point in investing in a product that gives you a mediocre quality cushion or a pillow that fails to stand the test of time. Always buy a cushion that is soft but durable.


The stuffing has to be of premium quality to maintain the shape of your cushion. Popular brands commonly choose two of the best materials for filling the cushion. Some companies use Kapok which comes from Kapok trees, but most manufacturers use buckwheat hulls, which promise long-term durability and comfort.

Holding Filling For Meditation Cushion


Colors can have a substantial impact on your meditation. Yoga experts believe that different tones and shades have their unique effect on your energy and concentration levels. Popular colors include blue which is known to have a soothing effect on nerves and black which sharpens focus.

It is common for most brands to choose dark earthy tones. However, there are various other colors such as orange, yellow and red for shaping these cushions and pillows. 

Final Thoughts

When shopping for the best meditation cushion, you are bound to come across various shapes, sizes and materials. However, it is also crucial that you check the reviews and ratings of a particular model before making the final purchase. Check the height, fabric and filling material of a meditation cushion. You should also see how well it can support your entire body.

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