Stay Comfortable Outside With The Best Patio Cushions

Stay Comfortable Outside With The Best Patio Cushions

One of the perks of having a patio is being able to spend your days outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, patio furniture doesn?t always come with the best patio cushions. If you?re on the hunt for new cushions that will be comfortable, can stand up to weather, and won?t need replacing next season, then you?re in the right place.

In this guide, we are going to talk about four great cushion options that we?ve found. We?re going to give you a brief overview of the cushions and their reviews. Then we?ll give you our final recommendation. If you?re not drawn to any of these options, don?t worry because we?re also going to talk about some things you?ll want to keep in mind as you continue shopping for cushions.

Let?s get on to the reviews!

Best Patio Cushions

Winner: Bossima Indoor/Outdoor Cushions

The Bossima Indoor/Outdoor Cushions are made from 100% polyester fiberfill, which is made by Bossima to ensure the fiberfill is recycled, is clean, and isn?t going to squash down.

The fabric on the cushions are water-repellant and durable. Bossima does recommend that before purchasing these cushions, you measure the intended seat because each of these cushions are hand-crafted so there may be slight variances with how the cushion will fit.

Both qualities make these perfect for using outside near the pool or on an uncovered patio.

The seat cushion measures 24?L ? 24?W ? 6.25?H and the back cushion measures 22?L?24?W?7?H. Because these cushions are pretty thick, you can sit for hours without feeling uncomfortable in the seat.

These cushions are available in 12 different patterns/colors. You can remove the cover for the backrest and throw it in the washer, but the seat cushion is sewn into the fabric so that will require spot cleaning. Notable Features of the Bossima Indoor/Outdoor Cushions include:

  • 100% polyester fiberfill - environmental, recycle, clean
  • 100% polyester fabric, water repellent, durable, perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Design in right thickness - comfortable, well-constructed
  • Zippered removable backrest cover
  • Hand-made cushion with detail craftsmanship

When looking at what people had to say about this, we were impressed to see the majority of the reviews were positive. Customers loved that the seam on the cushions aren?t in the front of the cushion. In their opinion, it gives the cushions a sophisticated look. A few customers remarked that the cushions felt like they were made of a higher-quality material than other cushions they used in the past.

People loved that the cushions were thick and comfortable, but they also appreciated the deep seat because it allowed them to relax comfortably in their patio chairs without worrying about the cushion being too small.

On the other hand, some customers weren?t satisfied with these cushions. The complaints people had been in regard to the colors. Customers said the color they received wasn?t what they ordered, while others said the color faded within a few months. Other customers mentioned the cushion backrest was about 4 inches smaller than the seat, which causes the pair to look strange when paired together.


Runner-Up: Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Solid Wicker Seat Cushion

Sometimes all you need is a simple cushion that is going to be comfortable and will add a bit of visual interest to your patio set.

The Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Solid Wicker Seat Cushions are a great option for wicker seats, but also other types of patio furniture. 

There are 33 color options so you can rest assured that you?ll find something that matches your aesthetic.

The fabric is fade resistant, weather resistant and can be cleaned with a mild detergent and cool water. 

These cushions are made from 100% polyester fabric with a 100% polyester fiber filling that?ll give you a comfortable seat to sit on. It?s also worth noting that these cushions are hand crafted and they will take a couple of hours to reach maximum size. 

You?ll want to let the cushions air dry after washing instead of tossing it in the dryer. Notable Features of the Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Solid Wicker Seat Cushion include:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Plush Fill - 100-percent polyester fiber filling
  • Fade Resistant, UV Protection, Weather Resistant
  • Measures: 19-inch length X 19-inch width X 4.5-inch depth
  • Item is hand-crafted and requires a break in period of 3-4 hours use to reach desired size
  • Care Instruction: Spot Clean Only
  • Fill Material: 100% Polyester Fiber

The vast majority of consumers who purchased these cushions had great things to say and left glowing reviews for these cushions. Customers liked that there were so many color options and that two cushions came to an order, whereas other companies will only sell one cushion at a time.

Customers liked that the patio cushions were thick and comfortable to sit on. Others have said that the depth of the cushion is perfect and when they have to spot clean them, the fabric is easy to clean and they dry quickly.

Although the majority of customers had great things to say about these cushions, some people did have a few problems. The most common problem people had was in regard to the size.

Customers were disappointed that the cushions were a few inches smaller than the description indicated, but also the cushion wasn?t as thick as the description stated. Customers were also disappointed that the tags are in the front of the cushion, but also that there weren?t any ties to keep the cushion on the chair.


Best Bench Cushion

Winner: Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Fresco Bench Cushion

The Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Fresco Bench Cushions are available in 18 colors/patterns so you?ll be able to find something that matches your d?cor.

These cushions are made from 100% polyester and feature 100% polyester fiber filling. The typical measurements for the cushions are 45?L x 18?W x 2.5?D but there may be a 1? variance from cushion to cushion because they are handcrafted.

The fiber filling is essential for creating that soft cushiony feeling without worrying about the cushions going flat or being uncomfortable.

The fabric of these cushions can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent and cool water. You?ll want to let the cushions air dry before using.

These patio cushions feature ties that?ll secure the cushion to the bench which will prevent the cushion from flying away from a strong gust of wind or stormy weather. Although these cushions are handmade, we want to point out that they are not custom patio cushions. Notable Features of the Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Fresco Bench Cushion include:

  • Resists weather and fading in sunlight
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 100-percent polyester fiber filling offers an even cushier feel with greater durability
  • Attached ties keep outdoor cushion securely fastened to your outdoor patio furniture
  • Measures: 45-inch length X 18-inch width X 2.5-inch
  • Care Instruction: Spot Clean Only

We took a look at what people had to say about these cushions and we?re happy to report that the majority of customers had great things to say. Customers liked that these cushions are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but also that they?re comfortable.

People did say that the fabric is nice and the colors and patterns are vibrant and beautiful. People liked that the material was weather resistant and the cushions had ties to keep the cushion in place. Although many people were happy with these cushions, there were a few people who disappointed in them. Several people said the cushions were too short for their benches. 

A few people said they ordered a few cushions (all the same color) but when they received the cushions, the colors and the fabric were different despite ordering all the same color. There were also a few customers who said their cushions had permanent fold indentations that wouldn?t go away even after two weeks.


Runner-Up: Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor Bench Cushion

When you want a comfortable patio cushion, sometimes the best option may be an overstuffed cushion like the Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor Bench Cushion.

These cushions feature 100% polyester fiber fill that?s made from recycled bottles. 

This filling is perfect for ensuring the cushions stay comfortable and retain their shape for years to come.

These cushions are able to retain their shape because of the circle tack design, as it prevents the filling from shifting during use.

There are 16 modern patterns that you can choose from. The material used for the cushion are fade resistant, water resistant, and stain resistant. There are ties on the cushions so you never have to worry about the cushions losing their attractive look over time.

The overall dimensions for these cushions are 51?L x 18?W x 4?D but please allow the cushions to rest a few days to fully decompress and reach their intended size. Notable Features of the Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor Bench Cushion include:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Overstuffed construction for extra comfort and longevity
  • UV-resistant outdoor fabrics
  • Modern prints for contemporary styles
  • Cushion dimensions are +/- 2 inches
  • Please note product will arrive in a slightly compressed state
  • Please allow a few days for product to expand to final size listed in description

There are a lot of positive reviews for these cushions! Customers love how thick and plush the cushion feel, but they also like that the patterns are bright and beautiful to look at.

Several customers said they purchased two cushions so they could use the second as a matching backrest and thanks to the ties on the cushions, this works out beautifully. People like that the cushions are comfortable, the material doesn?t fade and they?re even reversible!

Although the majority of customers had great things to say about these cushions for patio chairs, there were a few who had some issues. Customers said they didn?t receive the colors they ordered, or the pattern they ordered didn?t look like what was advertised.

Some have mentioned that the cushions aren?t water resistant because their cushions soaked up a lot of water when it rained. Another person commented that the cushions they had started to look grungy only after one season.


What To Look For In The Best Patio Cushions

When you?re searching for the best patio cushions, you will want to keep certain things in mind so that you?re getting the best outdoor furniture cushions for your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind before you purchase:


?The design of the cushions you choose will depend on the type of chair you have. You will either choose a single cushion that just sits on the seat without a backrest or a two-piece cushion that comes with a backrest and a cushion for the seat. Also, you?ll have to decide if you want a smooth cushion for a more modern look or one that is quilted and has buttons for a more ?country? feel.


Most cushions are filled with a polyester filling because it?s inexpensive, it?s soft, and it?s provides a decent amount of comfort but offers little support. You can also find:

  • Clustered Polyfill ? Similar to regular poly-fiber fill, except these are wrapped into small balls to give you more support
  • Foam ? Foam cushions are available in a variety of densities, therefore giving you the option of choosing how soft or firm you?d like the cushion to be

The fabric of the cushion should be water/weather resistant to prevent mold and mildew from forming. UV resistance is also important especially if you live in an area where the sun is always shining and it gets pretty hot during the summer.

Cleaning Instructions

Most cushions you come across will be spot clean or handwash only, although you can find some covers that can be removed and tossed in the washer.


There?s nothing worse than having beautiful patio furniture but the cushions just aren?t comfortable. All of the cushions we?ve reviewed today are filled with an affordable, comfortable, and durable material ? the polyester fiber fill and use quality fabric with a lot of color options.

Green Patio Cushions

We think all of these options are pretty good, but we think the Bossima Indoor/Outdoor Cushions deserve the ?Best Patio Cushion? title because you can remove the cover on the backrest to give it a really good cleaning.

Do you agree with our recommendation? Maybe you have other cushions that you like that we didn?t mention, leave a comment below! We love hearing your thoughts and opinions!

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